IdoSoft Gift Card
Is an integrated Gift Card solution with all accounting for card sales & redemption stored and maintained by your IdoSoft POS.
IdoSoft created this feature in 2002 and our first customer to use this feature was Western Auto-Marine of Juneau Alaska.
To date Western Auto-Marine has done more than $1,000,000.00 in Gift Card sales & redemptions.

The Gift Card can be used as form of payment similar to using a credit card.
The Gift Card can be used for giving refunds simply by applying the refund to a gift card.


Sales Information

Displayed here are several Value Cards we have produced for our customers.
*Note that the images have been resized and appear larger than the actual credit card size.
The cards are created using 30 Mil Credit Card stock.

Printing Costs & Specifications 

First Time Setup Fees    
Card Front:  $30.00  
Card Back: $20.00
*Cost is Per 100 Cards Printed
Black & White: $42.00  
Full Color: $95.00

*Minimum order 100 cards.  All work will be performed by IdoSoft in house.
USPS shipping charges will be applied at cost to the total.

Std. Printing Features & requirements...

·        Graphics can be supplied, or can be created by IdoSoft for user approval. All graphics created by IdoSoft, remain the copyrighted property of IdoSoft and can not be used or reused without permission being granted by IdoSoft.

·        All cards must exhibit the Value Card name or Logo, supplied by and copyrighted by IdoSoft.

·        All cards can contain up to 3 magnetic tracks.  Track 1 will contain the card number. Track 2 will contain the authorized store name, or a name provided by the user. Track 3 can contain supplied information.

·         All cards will exhibit a barcode with a human readable number on the back that is the same as the magnetic card number. This will provide an alternate way to read the card should the magnetic stripe not be readable.

*All pricing and specifications are subject to change. Contact IdoSoft for the most current information.